Nowhere Fast; Or What I Think About The Mosquito Coast (TV Series)

I’m always on the lookout for good prospects to binge-watch. It’s a habit I think I picked up in the middle of the year that the pandemic was raging at its peak. It’s probably not a healthy habit, but it’s also probably gonna be with me awhile after our social distancing days are over.

I read a blurb somewhere that if I liked the Netflix series Ozark, I would really like the Apple TV production The Mosquito Coast. I enjoy Ozark. Can’t wait for the new season about the everyday family that finds itself up to their necks in murder, mayhem and money laundering for…



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Jan Blount

Educated, but averse to sophistry. I write about what I know, what angers me and what moves me. I ponder about race, politics, and whether true love exists.